Angio-Jet Thrombectomy Before and After
Pre-Anjoget thrombectomy


Post Anjioget Thrombectomy


41-year-old Patient presented with severe deep vein thrombosis in his left leg causing him severe pain and swelling. He underwent Ilio-Femoral Vein Endovenous mechanical thrombectomy with an Angio-jet device by Boston Scientific. The before image; shows the completely thrombosed Ilio-femoral vein, whereas the after-image; shows a patent Ilio-femoral Vein. A venous stent was placed in the Left Common Iliac vein, as it was obvious on the venogram the compression by the right Common Iliac Artery, which is defined as May-Thurner Syndrome. A great result was achieved for our patient.


Dr. Omar Hamdallah

This patient presented with a complaint of temporary weakness in his arm. After a full assessment, Dr. Omar Hamdallah diagnosed him with Carotid artery stenosis. The patient was given regional anesthesia, and Dr. Omar removed the plaques clogging the carotid artery (located in the neck). This procedure improves blood flow in the carotid artery and reduces your risk of stroke. The patient was discharged home the next day and is recovering very well.