About Jordan Vascular Clinic

 Dr. Omar Nader Younes Hamdallah founded Jordan Vascular Clinic in 2016. After Dr. Omar Hamdallah returned to Jordan from the USA, his vision was to establish a dedicated Clinic for all vascular diseases. That set our mission is to deliver to our patients the most advanced and up-to-date medical treatment in a very comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Our Mission:

Dr. Omar Hamdallah and his staff devote their skills and experience to delivering our patients’ most comfortable medical journey. From the moment they contact us until they have a full recovery, they can contact us 24 hours a day.

What we specialize in:

The clinic has the most advanced vascular diagnostic modalities, including a GE LOGIC F8 Ultra-sound Doppler and MESI ABPI MD machines. This enables Dr. Omar to reach a diagnosis and plan the appropriate treatment in the same patient visit.
In our clinic, we focus on hygiene as one of the essential cornerstones. All our medical supplies are of the highest quality disposables to prevent cross-contamination between patients. In addition, all rooms and machines are cleaned and sterilized after every patient.

Jordan Vascular Clinic

Jordan Vascular Clinic

Dr Omar Hamdallah